Steve Henderson, Director of Construction,

Noodles & Company

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Chris Delusky, Head of Store Development

Shinola Detroit

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Chuck Morgan, Construction Manager

Noodles & Company

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Mark Mitchell, Owner

Brenz Pizza - Columbus, OH

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My name is Mark Mitchell and I’m the owner of Brenz Pizza Co. Columbus located at the Lennox Town Center near the Ohio State University. We’ve been in business for just over two years and fortunately choose Roose Company to do the build out on our restaurant location.


            I was referred to Roose Company through my architect as a good option to build our store. My architect had worked with Roose Company before and they said they had a good working relationship with them from other projects. After contacting Roose Company and asking if they would bid on the project, I received a call from Lamar Roose within a few weeks and met him on site to go over the plans and discuss questions that he had. After completing the bid process with two other companies, Roose Company won the bid due both to their time table availability and fairness of their bid.


            The day we took possession of the site, we quickly found out that there would be issues that we weren’t previously aware that would increase construction costs from the start. Even with the surprise of the additional costs I always felt that Lamar and Lynn were on our side to help get the job going as quickly as possible. As in every construction project, I knew there would be additional costs throughout but the initial project was a big one. Lamar and Lynn were very fair on handling both that issue and other changes all along. They didn’t nickel and dime me throughout the whole process. Instead it was a very fair discussion on how to handle each issue as it arose to get the project done.


            We had multiple issues in construction due to our landlord and the city inspectors. All along Lamar and Lynn were on our side and helped guide us through each issue that came up. Especially helping get through additional inspections that arose due to the city sending out different inspectors that wanted contradictory things done on site. Due to the years they’ve spent building around Columbus and other states they’ve worked with a lot of inspectors and contractors. Their reputation with the inspectors for doing things correctly helped us move forward as quickly as possible and finish the construction here at Brenz Pizza Co. 


            Once we finished construction and opened, as with every new build, we found there were a few things that would need to be adjusted and fixed. Lamar didn’t accept the last check and walk away from the project. He always came back to check in and get things adjusted to suit our needs so we could focus on the pizza business instead of finishing construction.


            Generally when I talk to other restaurant owners, everyone talks about how much of a nightmare the construction process is. Ours wasn’t by any means an easy project due to the issues, but Roose Company helped make it a great learning experience and proved they’d go above and beyond what I expected of them to get our store completed and open. I look forward to working with Roose Company on future stores and wholeheartedly recommend them to you on any of your projects.

Mark Mitchell

Brenz Pizza, Owner

May, 2017

Roose Company Inc., has completed our restaurant project in the time and cost agreed to per our contract. They have demonstrated integrity and professionalism consistently in all areas of the project. They found ways to improve on the existing build-out plans of the Corporate Franchise and have earned the praise of the same. We plan to give Roose Company first and very strong consideration for the remaining Zoup! locations we intend to open. 

Jim Weaver

Zoup! Franchise owner

March, 2015

Roose Company Inc. has completed many restaurant New Restaurant Opening projects in Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania for Noodles & Company over the past 6 years.  All of them were on schedule and budget. They also completed 4 major open remodels for us in our Colorado markets, which was night work with very satisfied Operations Teams. I can strongly recommend Roose Company and their team for mid-sized restaurant projects. 

Chuck Morgan

Noodles & Company, Construction Manager

October, 2013

Roose Company Inc. has completed over 20 restaurant projects for Noodles & Company over the past 6 years.  All of them were on time an met our budgets. They have demonstrated integrity and professionalism consistently in all of the regions they served our firm including Ohio, PA, KY, MD, DC, VA and CO. Please call anytime if you have questions or wish to further discuss their history with Noodles & Company.  

David Carpenter

Noodles & Company, Construction Manager

October, 2013

Lynn and the team he has built at Roose Co. have completed numerous projects over the 11 years we have worked together. From multi-million dollar free standing buildings to smaller $30-$200k remodels and additions, Lynn has always shown a creative, committed and determined attitude when faced with difficult projects and schedules.

David Miller

Champps Americana / Champps Entertainment, Construction Manager

November, 2010

Quicksilver Construction Management LLC has had the privilege of working with Roose Company on numerous restaurant projects during the past two years. They have consistently delivered their projects on time and on budget. Their entire staff has demonstrated honesty, integrity and professionalism in the execution of those goals. They have always provided valuable insight into establishing accurate budgets and schedules and have always been willing to share their knowledge and experience in addressing value engineering and alternative construction methods to achieve our goals. This is a team that always delivers above and beyond what is required. I have enjoyed working with them for the past two years and look forward to working with them on future projects. We would highly recommend Roose Company for your upcoming commercial projects 

Chuck Morgan

Quicksilver Construction Mgmt., President

May, 2009


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